About The Gate Doctor

About The Gate Doctor

The company has been in business since 1995, mainly as a gate automation company in the early years, installation of gate motors & Intercoms, trading as East Coast Appliances at the time. We soon moved on to fabricate our own gates, as outsourcing proved to be un-reliable and of poor quality. Realising a gap in the market, we were the first company in Durban, to provide a repair service and back-up to all makes of gate systems. This took us to a new level, becoming a definitive part of the business and ultimately led to re-branding the business more in line with our new found identity and ‘The Gate Doctor’ was born, registered in 2002.

Although we have been fabricating our own gates for years, it was apparent that within the broader market, we were perceived as a repair company only, and were often overlooked by people in the market for new gates. Once again, there was a need to re-market ourselves to promote the engineering aspect of the business. Changing an established brand (name) not being an option, it was decided to market the manufacturing aspect of the business under a more suitable name, as a department within The Gate Doctor.

During early 2018, the name ‘e-Gate Engineering’ was decided on, through which we will promote and market the manufacturing component of The Gate Doctor. Products manufactured by the company are now branded with a welded on logo “eG8” pledging, that acceptable industry standards were maintained during the manufacturing process to ensure product quality.

The company’s gates are designed to be cost-effective, without compromise to structural rigidity and mechanical integrity ensuring a smooth solid operation, necessary for gate and operator to function properly and reliable for many years. Our gates don’t just look good from a distance; up close the product embodies an appearance of quality, as it should when best practices is applied. Quality also does not have to come at an inflated premium, costing is computerized with precisely formulated calculations based on; minimum acceptable standards through quality materials and workmanship, sustainable cost to business with a market related mark-up, simply put “quality at an affordable price”.

There is no limit to design and styles that can be created, but to help with budget and ideas we have a comprehensive list of standard designs illustrated with specs and price, that will cover more than 90% of the average requirements. Ranging from basic-budget gates to Balau slated gates, decorative gates, commercial and industrial gates up to 12 M in length. Bigger gates, not on the list can be made and quoted for.

The Company also specialises in the development of products for special applications including Telescopic gates, Reticulated sliding gates, Automated roof structures, Hydraulic tilt-up doors to name a few. We can assist clients, architects, developers and building contractors working towards solutions of challenging situations, from concept, design, manufacture, fitment and implementation to a functional working product. We will supply structural engineers report on designs, QCP’s etc. where required by the client.